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Name:Airey-kun from LiveJournal
Birthdate:Jun 6
Location:Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America
Website:TVTropes page.


Good morning/afternoon/night, everyone! My name is Anna, and I am a young, eager, and somewhat naive new sporker!
There's nothing that I love more than a badfic. And the entire thing is justified, too, because I used to be a Suethor. I got better, though.

I spork badfics from a metric crap-ton of fandoms. I also spork very, very notorius badfics simply because they haven't been done. I do my sporkings with seven cats who are occasionally accompanied by canon characters and OCs (some mine, mostly by older brother's... he's [info]sith_droideka and is very helpful, most of the time). The cats you will see most often:
Silverpelt Caelestis the nice one. She takes a lot of abuse from the others. Officially casted as the Grammar Nazi, although she doesn't do much. Kind of a perv.
Hawksky Tartarus the evil one. She's the one who's most likely to search out a badfic just to torment the others. Supposed to be trying to destroy Silverpelt once and for all, but is pretty lazy. Apparently in a femslash relationship with Silverpelt, although they both deny it vehemently. Makes endless references to random things.
Anna Jekyll/The Plot Reaper me. She can be somewhat Mary-Sueish at times, but for all intents and purposes in a Parody Sue. Usually sides with Hawksky, but waxes philosophical at times. Her alter ego is The Plot Reaper (PR), who is pretty much the same only much more violent AND LIKES TO TALK IN CAPS. Annoys the heck out of everyone.
Kiri Raskolnikova Hawksky's sidekick. She's pretty clever and has picked up on how to be manipulative, but is also lazy. Loves to write. Best friends (girlfriend?) with Chill even though she can't comprehend emotion very well and considers "romantic love" to be a disease. Usually stoic but bursts into song randomly. Singing is srs bsns for her. Provides a lot of information in case its needed.
Chill von Richthofen somewhat foolish dizt. Kinda creepy.
Fallen Succubus waaaaaaaay too cheerful. Doesn't really have an assigned role. Is just kind of... there.
Aziz Succubus the suspiciously quiet one, at least outside of the sporking theater. Pretty emo. In fact, she only talks when she's sporking or pissed. Her mind is also drastically in the gutter.
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